Wild Trailer For The New Animated Comedy Series HELL DEN Which is a Mix of ROBOT CHICKEN, BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, and MST3K

The first trailer has been released for the upcoming post-apocalyptic animated comedy series Hell Den. The series is said to be a mix of shows that include Robot Chicken, Beavis and Butthead, and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The show centers around a 12-year-old boy named Andrew who is one of the few left in a post-uber-apocalypse world and Andrew’s house has electricity, a VCR, and a full liquor cabinet. Because of this, his place becomes home base for a variety of weird and wild characters in this crazy world.

Hell Den mixes original animation and re-dubbed cartoons to create a blend of social satire, musical parody, and absurdist humor. The series will pay homage to classic old cartoon and will feature original commentary. It actually looks like a fun series that I’d enjoy watching, I just don’t want to sign up for another streaming service to watch it.

Here’s the official description of the show:

The six episode-series takes place after an Uber-Apocalypse wipes out civilization where one kid miraculously survives: 12-year-old Andrew. His house still has electricity, a working television, a VCR, and his deceased parent’s fully stocked bar which draws a few curious apocalypse-creators to his door. There's Kenneth, the moody Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse; BET-C, a sympathetic but volatile mutant cyborg; Fleek, a sleazy alcoholic alien; and Giants, a ponderous giant. Together, they break into the liquor cabinet and join Andrew to watch twisted cartoons... because destroying the world is hard work.

The series comes from Shout! Studios and Dr. God and is coming to a streaming service called DrinkTV. The show will also feature guest stars like Derek Mears (Swamp Thing / Friday The 13th), Brett Davern (Awkward. / The Brett Davern Show), Mo Collins (Fear The Walking Dead / F is for Family), and Emma Fitzpatrick (Significant Mother / The Social Network).

Hell Den will air exclusively on DrinkTV which is available via DrinkTV.com, Roku, AppleTV, iOS and Android devices for $2.99 a month. 

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