Will Edgar Wright Direct THE NIGHT STALKER with Johnny Depp Next?

With all of the news swirling around about the divorce between Marvel and director Edgar Wright, no one has asked what the director is now going to do with his time.

It looks like he could be heading right into a movie remake of the 1970’s TV show Kolchak: The Night Stalker. This is a project that he would be doing for Disney. He has been interested in this project with Johnny Depp as the lead for awhile. It was first announced a couple of years ago. It isn't confirmed that this will be the next project that Wright takes on, but that's what Deadline is speculating.

Kolchak was a show that centered on a tabloid reporter named Carl Kolchak, whose stories of vampires, zombies, and any other kind of monster you can think of, kept him from being taken seriously. The worst part about it was that all of his stories were true.

This sounds like a perfect vehicle for a Wright/Depp team up. I feel that Wright's style fits right into Depp’s wheelhouse. 

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