Will Edgar Wright Replace Roberto Orci as STAR TREK 3 Director?

For awhile there it looked like Star Trek franchise screenwriter Roberto Orci would be directing Star Trek 3. According to Deadline, the writer will not be directing the film, and the studio already has a short list of directors to develop the next film in the epic sci-fi franchise. One of the names on this list is Edger Wright! That's right, the same Edgar Wright who directed Shaun of the Dead, Hott Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim and almost directed Ant-Man

There's no information on why Orci has stepped away from the director's chair, but he is staying on as a producer. Maybe it was just too big of a project to handle for a first time director. 

I would love it is Wright actually did take on the job of bringing this next chapter of Star Trek to the screen. It would definitely be a different kind of project for him to take on, but I think he would give fans something amazing. The guy knows how to direct action, the drama of it all would just fall into place, and I think it would be fun to see some of his sense of humor in the movie. 

Wright has not signed on to direct, though. As of right now, he's only a name on a list of other directors that the studio would like to see direct the movie. It'd be great if Wright actually directed it, but I'd be very surprised if he did, especially after his experience with Marvel. 

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