Will Ferrell Reveals Plot Details of The STEP BROTHERS 2 Movie We Almost Had

I have a very interesting history with Will Ferrell and John C Reilly's Step Brothers. It is one of the only movies that I've walked out on in a movie theater. I had taken a date to the film and she thought it was super dumb, and, because I was young and dumb, I agreed to leave. We left during the wedding scene of the film. Looking back, it was actually a funny movie, but it definitely touched the sensitive part of me that hates watching people that are semi-likeable make terrible mistakes that accidentally hurt other people. And that movie has a lot of that.

All things aside though, both Will Ferrell and John C Reilly are brilliant comedians and I believe they could have upped the ante for a sequel. Problem was, the studio wanted Anchorman 2 first. And well... while I got a kick out seeing both versions in the theater, other audiences did not enjoy it so much. So, Step Brothers 2 kind of ended up becoming nothing.

Recently while promoting Daddy's Home 2, Will Ferrell talked about Step Brother's 2 and revealed the main plot of the film:

We talked about ‘Step Brothers,’ and then Adam and I got sidetracked with other things…We had a whole story where John and I follow our parents to live in a retirement community and try to convince them that we earned the right to retire as well.

It sounds like this could have been a very funny sequel. I would watch that. I feel like they definitely still had a lot of growing up to do by the end of Step Brothers, but I feel content with where they ended it. And also, where I ended it, so many years ago.

What did you think of the first movie and would you have liked to see this sequel? 

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