Will Ferrell Set to Star in a Netflix Music Competition Film Called EUROVISION

Netflix is developing another film music competition comedy with Will Ferrell called Eurovision. Ferrell will star in the film and also co-write it with Andrew Steele. Ferrell will sing in the movie! 

The story revolves around the "wildly popular and long-running international TV music competition The Eurovision Song Contest. It is a contest that began in Switzerland in 1956, when seven West European nations participated. This year 43 countries competed for the prize, won in Lisbon by Netta (Israel) performing the song Toy. ABBA (winner in 1974 for Sweden) and Céline Dion (winner in 1988 for Switzerland) are among the former contestants who launched successful worldwide careers after their wins at The Eurovision Song Contest."

Ferrell will also produce for Gary Sanchez Productions, along with Adam McKay as an executive producer. This sounds like it will be a fun comedy for Ferrell. I enjoy most of the films that he makes and his style of comedy, so I'll be looking forward to this.

Here are a couple of videos of Ferrell singing below:

Source: Deadline

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