Will George Miller Direct MAN OF STEEL 2?

Audiences were blown away by what director George Miller delivered with Mad Max: Fury Road. At one point, he was supposed to direct a Justice League movie for Warner Bros., but the production fell apart. There's now a rumor going around that that Miller might jump back into the DC universe by directing a sequel to Zack Snyder's Man of Steel.

The rumor started with Jon Schnepp, a journalist who also directed the documentary The Death Of "Superman Lives": What Happened. He was a guest on Popcorn Talk's DC Movie News podcast last night, and on the show confidently claimed that George Miller will direct the Man Of Steel 2.

There's absolutely no confirmation of this, so it's only a rumor at the moment. A rumor, that would sure be awesome if it turned out to be true! As more evidence that something like this might be happening, Heroic Hollywood's Umberto Gonzalez tweeted this back in July:

Then earlier today, after the rumor started spreading like wildfire across the internet, Gonzalez tweeted that plans for Miller to direct the movie were still up in the air. He went on to claim that he was actually Schnepp’s source for the news.

It wouldn't surprise me if WB were looking to bring Miller into direct one of their DC Expanded Universe films, especially after what a huge hit Fury Road was. Miller is a crazy talented dude, and it's kind of ridiculous that the studio is only just starting to realize that.

I'd be a lot more excited to see Miller direct Man of Steel 2 than Zack Snyder. I really didn't care for his Superman film. I tried to watch it again recently, and I just couldn't sit through it for a second time. 

I would love it if Miller jumped on board to direct Man of Steel 2. I want see what his vision of character would be! Would you like to see the director take on Superman?

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