Updated: Will James Gunn Direct ANT-MAN?

James Gunn sent out the following Tweet regarding the rumor:

"Waking up to a bee swarm of complete bullshit rumors on all sides. Happy Thursday!"

But even if it was true, he's not going to admit it.

Here's the article that I previously wrote on the matter:

Since Edgar Wright dropped out of Marvel's Ant-Man, the studio has been on the hunt for a new director to take his place. They need to find someone fast so that they can meet their release date of July 17th, 2015.

A rumor has surfaced at CBM suggesting that the studio is looking at bringing on Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn to come in and take the helm. This is what the site claims:

"An insider source has revealed to me that Marvel is starting to panic; they have Ant-Man releasing in a little under then 14 months. This is a critical juncture for Marvel, as they need to either bring on a Director who can work under their drafts and studio notes. Which is critical at this point to getting the film out on time.

"My source has informed me that Marvel is looking at none other then James Gunn, Director of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. The reason for this is because Marvel needs someone who can work within their limitations as well as be informed as to the current progress of the film. James' work on Guardians has not only pleased Marvel executives in early screenings, but it's also proven to both Kevin Feige and the Marvel executives that he's capable of working alongside Marvel. As a Director in the MCU, he's privy to the story of Ant-Man, and would be able to jump in without very little catching up being required."

If this is true, it makes a whole hell of a lot of sense to me. I can totally see Gunn taking the reigns of Ant-Man, and I think he is a great fit to take on this character! I'm also pretty sure that fans would actually be happy with him replacing Wright. 

He's currently deep in the post-production process of his own sci-fi space adventure. Apparently the biggest issue at this point is that Gunn is also looking at some other projects he could take on as soon as he's done with Guardians of the Galaxy. The site's source says that if this is the case "one of the Gunn brothers (Brian or Sean) who have also been privy to the Marvel process might be brought in, although Marvel's current priority is to get James himself."

This is all just a rumor for now; there is absolutely no confirmation of this news. But if Gunn is brought in to direct the film, I'd be completely happy!

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