Will Josh Gad Play The Thing in FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot?

The latest Fantastic Four reboot rumor suggests that Book of Mormon star Josh Gad might play The Thing in Josh Trank's comic book film project. The rumor comes from Movies.com, and they say he is Fox's number one choice. 

There's nothing official on this, but if it is true I can definitely see Gad in the role. It seems like he would have the perfect personality for it. I actually hope that the rumor is true. Gad has the ability to be serious when he needs to be, but he also easily brings the comic relief. 

Previous rumors suggest that Miles Teller will play Reed Richards and Michael B. Jordan will play Johnny Storm. Neither of these rumors have been debunked, but they aren't official either. It seems like Gad would fit right in with these guys. He's a rising star, and we're going to start seeing him in more and more films.

I imagine The Thing will be fully CGI in the reboot, and if that's the case Gad would be great. He previously did voice work for the character Olaf in Disney's Frozen. I'm sure his voice has more range than that though, I doubt The Thing would sound like Olaf. Although it would be funny. 

The big question is… will he be able to yell, “It’s clobberin' time” convincingly? I don't think they'd end up casting him if he couldn't.