Will STAR WARS: EPISODE VII get Pushed to 2016?

Thanks to Harrison Ford's leg injury, it's looking like the release of Star Wars: Epsiode VII will have to be pushed to 2016. The rumor originated at Jedi News, who reports that an emergency meeting was held at Pinewood Studios yesterday to discuss the situation. 

Apparently a number of sources are telling the site that production of the film could be pushed back by a "substantial amount of time." 

Turns out Ford didn't sprain or break an ankle, instead he apparently he broke his leg. Next thing we know we'll be hearing that the poor guy broke his neck! Ford is a 70-year-old man now, and his bones don't heal as fast as they used to, so it might be a slow process for him to heal. It makes sense that production may have to be extended and the release date pushed. 

This news really does kind of suck, but fact of the matter is I've waited this long for these new Star Wars movies to happen, I can wait a little longer. Hey! They can rewrite the script to incorporate the broken leg! Han Solo in a wheelchair, pushing himself through the hallways of the Millennium Falcon, and Chewbacca could always push him around in battle.