I love how anything and everything that happens in the Marvel Universe affects everyone involved. It looks like Disney is going to be doing the same thing in the Star Wars universe. 

While at a Star Wars convention in England, Movie Cricket was able to catch up with John Morton. Who is that you ask? John Morton played Luke Skywalker’s gunner Dak in The Empire Strikes Back. In the same movie he was used as a body double for Boba Fett. What does he know about Star Wars Episode VII? Apparently a lot!

While speaking with Morton, Movie Cricket found out that the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels will be connected to Star Wars: Episode VII. Here is what he had to say:

“Rebels is the key. Rebels will provide the link to bring in the continuity from Clone Wars, the Original Trilogy and the Prequels to enable LucasFilm and Disney to tee-up ‘Episode VII’. If you want my informed opinion, it will enable ‘Episode VII’ to leapfrog over the whole trilogy.

The key that is going to make this work is Rebels. Rebels will set up and point the direction for ‘Episode VII’.

The characters they are creating in Rebels will be around in ‘Episode VII’."

This is pretty amazing news if it is true. I can’t wait to see if this all ties in together. Are any of the recently announced new cast members going to play one of these characters? The timetable is totally feasible. 

I am stoked to start Rebels to see what I can glean from it. Rebels will premiere this fall, and Star Wars: Episode VII will be released in December 2015.

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