Will Thanos Team Up With The Avengers in ENDGAME To Take on a New Villain?

Yesterday we got a new trailer for Avengers: Endgame that managed to get fans pumped up even more for the end of The Infinity Saga. There was a lot of cool stuff to see in that trailer, but one of the more interesting things that I noticed is that Thanos wasn’t really that upset when he was confronted by the heroic team.

There was a somber tone in his voice. He wasn’t on the offense or defense, he was just there and it seemed like he was wondering what they wanted. It made me wonder if we might actually see Thanos team up with The Avengers to take on another villainous character.

We know that there will be other villains introduced in the story and maybe the Avengers will need the help of Thanos to stop them.

It actually wouldn’t surprise me if Thanos and the Avengers did team up, because in Marvel’s six-issue Infinity Gauntlet miniseries, that’s exactly what Thanos did! Why? Because Nebula got a hold of the Infinity Gauntlet and while she’s not exactly evil, she isn’t exactly good either. As you know, Thanos abused the hell out of her and she is filled with so much rage and anger.

Maybe Nebula actually gets her hands on the Infinity Guantlet in Endgame at some point in the story. Who knows!? So how is everyone brought back to life? Well, in the comics the surviving Avengers and Thanos confront Nebula and want her to give up the Gauntlet, she and Thanos get into an argument and to spite him, Nebula uses the Gauntlet to undo everything he did with it. She says:

“With the exception that I retain possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, let everything be as it was 24 hours ago.”

Instantly, the universe is restored as it was. The Avengers are returned to their lives.

Now, I don’t think that Endgame is going to play out exactly like the comic. But, I think that there are going to be certain elements from the comic that make it into Endgame just like in Infinity War. One of those elements that I could easily see happening is seeing Thanos team up with the Avengers. Whatever happens, I’m pretty sure the story is going to be filled with interesting twiasts and turns that we don’t see coming.

What do you think? Can you see Thanos teaming up with the Avengers to fight a new threat as they try to change the events of the first film?

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