Will We Get an AGENT CARTER Crossover in the Final Season of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.?


When Marvel is bringing a story to an end, they like to go out big. With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. entering into its seventh and final season, they are going to pull out all the stops. Thanks to Ming-Na Wen and a quick reddit user, we may have been given a potential spoiler of what is going to happen.

Eagle eyed Reddit user HalfBloodMockingJay was able to catch this tweet that A.O.S. actress Ming-Na Wen posted and quickly took down. Here is his picture and explanation:

agents of shield.jpg

“Ming-Na Wen may have accidentally posted a major Agents of SHIELD Season 7 spoiler. On her Instagram story (which has now been deleted) she was showing off the bikes that the cast and crew are getting as wrap gifts. One of those bikes clearly has Enver Gjokaj's name tagged to it. For those unaware, Enver played Daniel Sousa (Peggy's boyfriend) in Agent Carter. Also, a few months back when filming for Season 7 first begun, there was another Instastory of a few cast members sporting a '40s vibe. It's starting to look like there will be an Agent Carter crossover!”

Judging that characters from Agent Carter have already appeared on A.O.S. before, this isn’t that big of a stretch. Season 7 of A.O.S. will air in 2020 with a 13 episode run. Let us know what you think about a possible crossover in this season.

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