Will We See an X-MEN TV Show in the Future?

TVX-Menby Joey Paur

Some of the shows that are being developed for TV these days are just as awesome as what we are seeing in the movies. Sometimes the series are even better. The stuff we see on TV is getting bigger and better with shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and The upcoming four Marvel Netflix series. It seems like FOX could easily throw a live-action X-Men series into the mix if they wanted too. I'm actually surprised that it hasn't been done already.

In a recent interview with collider X-Men screenwriter and producer Simon Kinberg says that the studio is figuring things out when it comes to a TV series, but he does say that it makes sense.

We’re still in this place of figuring out what the future of the franchise will be, but when you look at S.H.I.E.L.D. to some extent and what Marvel is doing now with Daredevil and other shows on Netflix, it makes sense to tell some of these stories in TV. Partly because there’s just not enough screens to do all these characters, and also because the serialized format of comic books is better suited for TV.  Because that’s it, every week you come back to the same characters different story, and in comic books every week it’s the same characters, different story.

I think what [Fox is] seeing now is with the proliferation of new kinds of visual and special effects, there’s a way to make these stories that doesn’t cost $300 million every time you have to make a huge movie.

I think an X-Men series would be incredibly cool. There are so many directions that they could take the show. It doesn't sound like it will happen anytime soon, but the studio would be stupid if they didn't do it. I'd be surprised if they don't.

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