Willem Dafoe Was Actually Considered For The Joker in Tim Burton's 1989 BATMAN Film

For years, fans have talked about how perfect Willem Dafoe would be in the role of The Joker. Well, at one point in his career, he was actually considered for the role! There was a point where Warner Bros. and director Tim Burton considered him for the 1989 Batman film, but as you all know, the part ended up going to Jack Nicholson, who gave an incredible performance. While talking to THR, he said:

"[Screenwriter Sam] Hamm said something about how physi­cally I would be perfect for the part, but they never offered it to me."

It would have certainly been interesting to see how Dafoe would have handled the character, but I'm ultimately happy with what Nicholson did. At this point, we'll most likely never see Dafoe play The Joker, but the fans can always imagine what it might be like.

Jared Leto is set to reprise his role in a couple upcoming DC films like Suicide Squad 2 and a Harley Quinn and Joker movie. Then there's Leonardo DiCaprio, who is wanted for a Joker origin film that's in development.

Would you have rather seen Dafoe as the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman?

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