William Shatner Voicing Two-Face in BATMAN: RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS Sequel

In case you didn't know, the upcoming animated feature Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders already has a sequel on the way! The film, which features Adam West and Burt Ward along with the classic '60s Batman style, is due out October 11th. Now THR reports that William Shatner will be joining the sequel and providing the voice of Two-Face.

The '60s Batman never featured Two-Face — nor Shatner, as he was busy doing Star Trek at the time — so it's perfect. I have to wonder what a '60s era Two-Face would look like in the style of the show. Apparently, the world got its answer in "Batman '66 The Lost Episode #1," but I unfortunately can't find a picture to show you guys. 

For some reason, I just imagine him in a zoot suit with a mask over one part. You can't make it too grotesque or it doesn't fit the spirit of the old series! Anyone have a picture or know the comic so we can get a visual of what to expect?

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