WILLY WONKA Has Been Remade as an Animated TOM AND JERRY Film and It's the Worst!

NO. No. Nooooooooooooooooo!

Heads up now. I might use language in this rant. If you're not ok with that, stop reading or just skip to the bottom and watch the trailer.

I just finished watching the trailer to this Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory animated movie, and there are no words to describe my anger.

What the Hell? Seriously. I get that Tom and Jerry do their thing with screwing around in different stories. That's fine. I wouldn't even mind if they did muck about a bit in the world of Willy Wonka. But the kicker is this... the songs in the trailer are the same as the classic Gene Wilder movie. As far as I can tell, the whole movie looks like it's just a remake of the Gene Wilder movie but with shitty CGI game-looking animation and FUCKING TOM AND JERRY! 

I never liked Tom and Jerry to begin with (obviously) but this? THIS!?!?! NO. You guys can't do this. Gene Wilder has only been dead for like a year. Don't remake the original movie with the same songs and just put in Tom and Jerry as background characters doing whatever. Animation has become so easy that people just pump crap like this out. Don't get me wrong, the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film gave me nightmares, but it was still something great, and no one can be a better Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka than GENE WILDER. If you want to create something new, then do it. But don't just take the original script and slap another thing to it.

Then there's a mouse who's an oompa loompa? NO! SCREW YOU! That's not cannon. This is like a bad fan-fic someone thought up while hopped up on cough syrup. I hate you. You took something great and ruined it. What's next? You've already screwed over Wizard of OZ, now Wonka. You gonna make Tom and Jerry Jurassic Park? Tom and Jerry Schindlers List? Tom and Jerry CarrieTom and Carrie... Uh-oh, Tom dumps blood on Jerry who goes mad and kills everyone with his telekinetic powers. STOP!

If people are interested in seeing a good new Willy Wonka project, might I suggest the Broadway musical, with NEW songs and a whole new idea. It's called being creative. It has had nothing but great reviews, and Wonka is played by Christian Borle who has won 2 Tony's for other roles on Broadway. That is how you re-do something. Make it fresh and new. Even Johnny Depp's Wonka movie may not have been great but at least he didn't rip off the old one. Check out the trailer if you want. It just sickens me.

I'm obviously very passionate about Willy Wonka. Just because I hate everything about this doesn't mean you will. Some of you might enjoy it. I just had to express my frustration. Watch the trailer for yourself and tell me what you think.