Windblade Prelude Episode for TRANSFORMERS: COMBINER WARS

The final prelude episode for Transformers: Combiner Wars has been released, and this one focuses on the female robot character Windblade. In my opinion, it’s the best prelude episode so far. Windblade is described as follows:

Windblade, once an official 'City Speaker' to the gigantic 'Titans' is tired of the bureaucratic non-action of the Council, who seem to sit idly while her people and her cities on Caminus perish. She decides that the only way to end the Combiner Wars is to take matters into her own vengeful hands. 

The video offers you a bit more information about the character. I’ve really enjoyed the prelude episodes, and I’m definitely excited to watch the actual series, which is going to be a more adult oriented Transformers series targeted to fans who grew up with the original cartoon series. 

To watch the first three prelude episodes, click on the following links: Optimus PrimeVictorion and Starscream.

There will be eight episodes of Combiner Wars, and it will premiere on August 2nd! We’ll make sure to get to episodes up on the site for you to watch when they go live. 

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