WOLVERINE 3 Is Titled LOGAN; Plus a Teaser Poster and Details From a Script Page

We've got some big Wolverine 3 news for you today! Hugh Jackman has posted a photo of a billboard for the film that reveals that the title of the movie is Logan. The teaser poster features Logan's hand holding the hand of a little girl. A lot of people may speculate that the girl is Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23, who has been rumored to be in the film and may possibly be the character to replace Wolverine in the X-Men cinematic universe. 

Then director James Mangold posted a page from Logan on his Twitter feed, and it reveals some interesting information about the film.

As you will see from this script page, this is going to be extremely hardcore. We already knew the film would get an R-rating, but seeing this script page drives the point home. It starts out with Logan saying "Fuck" and then describes the kind of violence that the film will entail, and they aren't going to hold back. It's made very clear that people will die brutally and that Wolverine is a character we should be worried about because he's older and his abilities aren't what they used to be. Basically, Wolverine could die in this movie if that's the direction they decided to go. Then the script page concludes with a fight scene involving a drunk Logan and a group of bangers. 

Check it out:

Pretty cool, huh? It's looking like this really will be the best Wolverine movie yet! The film also stars Patrick Stewart, Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal, and Elizabeth Rodriguez. Logan will slash its way into theaters on March 3rd, 2017.

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