Wolverine Grunts His Way Through This Honest Trailer For X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES

I loved X-Men: The Animated Series. It was one of my entry points into geek culture when I was growing up, and that theme song is undeniably awesome. In this new video, the ScreenJunkies team trains their ruby visors on the show and gives it the Honest Trailer treatment, and they do a pretty good job...right up until they make an unnecessary sexual joke about Jean Grey. I can't imagine any woman regularly watching this video series and feeling comfortable with it, because they're almost always slipping in unnecessarily objectifying or sexist remarks. I guess they're targeting a demographic that's OK with those kinds of comments, but it rubs me the wrong way every time it happens (and it happens a lot...go back and watch some of their videos and keep an ear out for it if you don't believe me).

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