WOLVERINE Sequel - There's a Good Chance Hugh Jackman Will Be Back

There's been a lot of discussion lately regarding Hugh Jackman and his Wolverine role. Over the last few months he's been hinting that he's almost done with playing the character and that it's inevitable that he will be replaced one day. There's also been a lot of uncertainty over whether or not he would return for the Wolverine sequel currently being developed by James Mangold. He's not officially signed on to do it, but according to a recent interview, he could very well end up playing the character for an eighth time!

Yahoo Movies conducted a joint-interview with Jackman and his X-Men: Days of Future Past co-stars, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. During the interview they answered fan questions from Twitter. When Jackman was asked if he would return to play Wolverine in the sequel he gave a hopeful answer,

"Um, I am not signed on, but if I was a betting man, there's a good chance. Yes."

He's then asked to reconfirm:

"There's a good chance you're coming back?"

The actor replied:

"There's a good chance."

So there it is. It looks like we can expect Jackman to play Wolverine at least one more time. Let's just wait to see if he actually signs up again to do it because if he's not signed on anything can happen between now and then. It would be good to see the actor play the character at least one more time. His final Wolverine movie needs to be an epic send-off. 

The currently untitled Wolverine sequel is scheduled to be released on March 3rd, 2017. You can watch the twitter Q&A below.