WONDER WOMAN 2 Will Reportedly Have Diana Fighting in the Cold War

Maybe fighting "in" the cold war isn't quite accurate, but it has recently been reported by The Wrap that the Wonder Woman sequel will again be a period piece that will focus on Wonder Woman in the 1980's against the Soviet Union!

Having had such a successful run with a well-known war for the first film, having another war setting could be exactly what the Wonder Woman sequel needs. Geoff Johns is working on the new script with director Patty Jenkins, who is in talks to return for the sequel. But does that mean this next Wonder Woman film will be angled as more of a spy film?

Look, I'm not saying there wasn't much fighting during the 80's but, yeah, ok that's what I'm saying. It was a cold war because neither side really did anything but make sure the other side wasn't doing anything. This can only lead to what I assume will be more of a fight of secrets and espionage. Maybe a villain trying to create another war, my guess is Ares again, but maybe I hope they introduce another villain. Or... maybe she learns the value of Communism in the story? Hmmm. Maybe not.

There are also rumors that Chris Pine may come back, which, I mean, yeah, that would be cool and all, but also... no. Not really. If you have seen Wonder Woman, you get why this would be dumb. Can we just have someone die, and stay dead? But the option is there. I guess he could just come back in a flashback sequence. But that also kinda doesn't make sense, because we know everything that happened between the time Steve Trevor met Diana Prince to the moment he died. Not a lot. Their relationship didn't even last a month. But who knows. He's charming and some people would pay to go see it for him.

Meanwhile, when I go see the movie, I'm paying for that sweet wonderful Gal Gadot. Her name even sounds like an alias to a superhero. What if she is in real life? Oh man. I gotta go look up some stuff...

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