Wonder Woman ArtFx Statue by Kotobukiya Is Simply Stunning

Ah, hyperbole. I know I tend to throw out words like beautiful and stunning more than I probably should, but in this case I think the words fit. Koto's latest ArtFx statue displays Diana in all her regality, and the cape is a huge part of that. It adds some dimension and movement to the sculpt, plus it just looks cool. Granted, I just described the reasoning behind half of the ill received (and ill designed) costume ideas on this list, but sometimes the "cool" method turns up decent results. Throw in a shield and a sword and I'm in nirvana, but for now the cape will do. I also look on the skirt variation of Wonder Woman's traditional costume fondly, but I know its not for everybody. Regardless of your feelings on the costume, Koto's work on Diana's face is truly well done, and to me portrays the look she'd have seconds before kicking someone's ass. 

If you feel the same way, the statue will run you about $120.00, and stands at about 12 inches tall, which is not a bad value at all for the money. You can head to Koto's site to pre-order the most under appreciated of DC's trinity, here

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