Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure Wins Any Contest by a Landslide

While Warner Brothers figures out how to actually accomplish a quality Wonder Woman movie, the sculptors and sculptresses over at Sideshow don’t seem to have a problem working with the renowned amazon. The gorgeous, hinted-at premium format figure doesn’t have any specs yet, but from the small peek this is one of, if not the, best Wonder Woman piece Sideshow has produced, period.

Holding her shield in one hand (which I am a complete sucker for) and a mean-looking spear in the other, all while staring at you with that “I wish you would” grin, there isn't anything I don't like here. The piece is going to be pricey, if past premium formats are any indication. That said, all signs point to that not being an issue whatsoever, and I’m sure there are many Diana fans who feel the same way.

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