Woody Harrelson Tells The Story of How He Landed His Job on CHEERS

Acting is easy. Getting acting jobs is the hard part. So often you are auditioning for things that you will never get because the fact of the matter is, getting a job is 30 percent talent and 70 percent luck. Which makes stories of actors who happen to get parts due to being at the right place and the right time, so fun.

Well, in a recent interview with THR, Woody Harrelson talked a bit about how he landed one of his first big gigs... Cheers. And it isn't exactly how one would expect it to go down:

"I was 23, and I kind of had an idea that I didn't want to do television because I generally didn't like the quality. But eventually I went in and I read for [the Cheers casting director]. I was really carefree because I knew I was going back to New York, and they'd pretty much decided on this one guy, but they were just doing a few more auditions, so I went in and I could tell right away - she was like, 'Aha! Hang on.' She says, 'I want you to come in and do this for the boys,' right? Well, it turned out she was taking me in to meet the writers. I didn't know this. I'm following behind her, and I needed to blow my nose. I'm going down the hallway, through a door, into where everybody is, and I just happened to be blowing my nose, and then everybody laughed before I said a word. And as Jimmy Burrows [direct] said, 'You had the part right then.'"

Wow. Can you imagine getting a job because everyone thought it was funny the way you blew your nose? Or even more being at an audition and walking into a room and just blowing your nose and having everyone just burst into laughter. I am personally imagining the moment from LaLa Land but instead of a song at the audition, it's just Woody Harrelson and he blows his nose in a beautifully lit room, and everyone starts clapping. Gosh. I'll have to start blowing my nose at more auditions.

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