Would This Weird Japanese Commercial Get You to Buy a Laptop?

While America has had its fair share of odd computer commercials, I'm not sure we'll ever have anything top this Japanese ad. The following is a commercial for the Japanese laptop, Mouse. It features J-Pop, a choreographed dance, two dudes, mouse ears, and a cat. Take a look. 

I guess it's effective advertising because I now have that song stuck in my head, but what the hell was that?! Why did the women leave the mouse hole a second time if they knew the cat was there? Why are mouse holes always so well constructed in mass media? You'll never see that kind of craftsmanship with actual mice! 

I guess I can't rag on the Japanese and their computer commercials too hard now that I'm looking back at the "Dell Guy" commercials we used to run here:

Maybe just all computer commercials are weird?

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