Would You Rather Put Your Drink on a Pokemon's Face or Butt?


Pokemon and pixel art go hand in hand. I see them and they’re adorable and fantastic. Then, people make crafts of pixel art and it continues to be cute and great. That is, most of the time it’s cute and great. Reddit user u/AmazingOrigami has made some pixel art coasters for their local esports bar. On paper this is fantastic and a great idea. Even when you look at the top right corner of the picture he posted. Look at the rest of the picture though and you learn the they have created coasters that are Pokemon butts, anus included. My very first thought was the episode “Art Crawl” from Bob’s Burgers when Gayle is obsessed with painting animal anuses. Depending on your sense of humor, this is probably the most appalling thing you’ve seen in a while, or it’s one of the best things you’ve seen. If you love these, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that they’re available for sale. You could always contact the original creator and see if you can work something out though.

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