WWE Superstar Involved in the Strangest STAR WARS Rumor Yet

In perhaps the most bizarre Star Wars rumor so far, WWE Superstar Sheamus is being heavily rumored to be playing Darth Vader in Episode VII. Wait Darth Vader is going to appear in Episode VII? That has yet to be confirmed or even hinted to be the case. Yet the Irish born “Celtic Warrior” sent a cryptic tweet to a newspaper yesterday when asked about it.

So why is there even a hint that this could be happening you ask? According to sources in the know, Sheamus has donned the costume for Star Wars promotional events before. He also took a brief break from his role as United States Champion in the WWE to appear back in his home country in the exact same location Star Wars is currently being filmed. It could just all be a coincidence, but considering the superstar's demanding schedule, a very extreme one.

I, for one, think it would be awesome. If the rumor does pan out to be true, I can almost guarantee he’ll just be the guy in the body suit. If you shave his head and facial hair he’s already just as pale as Vader was in Return of the Jedi, so maybe they’re shooting for a quick flashback of the Dark Lord in his middle age? If Sheamus comes back bald and clean shaven next Monday night on RAW, it would be hard to deny... or he might not need to remove the helmet for the role at all so he'd keep his hair and we’d be none the wiser. Whatever the case, the only one speaking right now is Sheamus, and no one associated with Star Wars has either confirmed or denied the rumor.

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