X-FORCE Creator Rob Liefeld Loves the Film Script

Last summer when it was nice and warm, it was announced that Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow was writing a script for a big screen adaptation of Marvel's X-Force. The creator of the comic series, Rob Liefeld, recently took to twitter to share his thoughts on the script Wadlow wrote, and this is what he said,

"Every film needs a proper script b4 they can cast & shoot. 1st mission accomplished for X-Force-When the casting begins we can scream together"

"X-Force cast/film will please/appeal to fans of all eras. Wadlow carefully, cleverly navigates the legacy."

So he obviously loves what Wadlow has done with the material. In a previous interview, Wadlow discussed his approach, saying, 

"What ‘X-Force’ is – the way I talk about ‘X-Force’ is… ‘X-Men’ is about mutants, and not all the mutants get into the mansion. So I’m curious to tell a story about the mutants who don’t make it into the mansion."

"Look, I’m a huge Deadpool fan, who doesn’t love Wolverine – but obviously Cable is an iconic character we haven’t seen onscreen yet. I love Psylocke, Domino is an amazing character – it’s a long list of characters that have appeared in ‘X-Force’ – Colossus is in the current lineup… There’s a lot of really exciting characters that you can use in ‘X-Force’ that have been in other movies, that haven’t shown up, or maybe there’s ways to re-imagine them, even though they might’ve shown up in other films."

To read even more about he had to say about his film, click here. X-Force is a more "militant" and "more aggressive" counter part to the X-Men. It was launched in the early '90s by Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. The original team consisted of Cable, Cannonball, Domino, Warpath, and Deadpool, but later incarnations have featured Wolverine, Psylocke, Sunspot, and Colossus.

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