X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Obligatory Tie-In Ads Show Quicksilver’s Super Speed

I know tie-in ads for big blockbuster films are just part of getting the word out, but I also feel the particularly silly ones are part of the reason superhero films still aren’t taken seriously by many people. Films feel especially tainted when they really try to make the ads seem like a scene in the movie. So I’m glad to see that Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s went the route they did for their tie-in ads for X-Men Days of Future Past. The ads, which showcase the mutant abilities of Quicksilver and Colossus, clearly take place on a set, so it’s easier to look past the silliness. It’s also kind of nice to see a Carl’s Jr. commercial that isn’t overtly sexual and isn’t narrated by a creepy and lethargic voiceover. Wait, that voice is still in there.

The first video features Evan Peters as Quicksilver munching down on an “X-Tra Bacon” Egg and Cheese Biscuit. I’m not sure if the way they display his super speed in the commercial will be consistent with how they shot it in the actual film, but it’s cool to see him in action nonetheless, ridiculous outfit and all. The second video is a behind the scenes vid that shows part of the Colossus ad with Daniel Cudmore… copious amounts of bacon are again the main feature.

Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23rd. Also, bacon is delicious, but we already knew that.

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