X-MEN Director Bryan Singer Didn't Allow Comics on Set

Before the MCU there were superhero movies, they just weren’t all connected together, and they weren’t released nearly as often. It was also a time when directors banned the source material from the set. In a recent interview, Hugh Jackman revealed that Bryan Singer didn’t allow comics on the set of the X-Men films.

Bryan Singer had this thing that people would think he really wanted to take comic book characters seriously, as real three-dimensional characters, that people who don’t understand these comics might think they’re two-dimensional, so no one was allowed [comics]. ... It was contraband. I’d never read X-Men, so people were slipping them under my door.

In a world where fans are furiously cross-examining every frame of each film to the lore of the comics, it’s hard to imagine a director not allowing anyone to read about their characters’ established lore. However, it seemed to work. The first two X-Men films are still positively viewed to this day. I can also see a benefit to this approach just being a little freedom. Without relying on comic storylines too much, it could allow you to have some freedom with the characters for better or for worse.

What do you think? Are you glad that comics weren’t allowed on set? Do you wish they had used more comics?

Via: CinemaBlend

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