X-MEN Posters Are Getting Lamer... the Movie Must Be Coming out Soon

Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past is inching closer to its May 23rd release, and any previously released images are being chewed up in Photoshop and regurgitated back to us. How many different sunsets and skylines do these characters need to be standing in front of? Are they all on vacation taking the lamest, same-face selfies and throwing every single Instagram filter on them? (#timetraveling) And they’re not even being consistent with how they are repackaging these posters. The poster above features Magneto’s future and past self with Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender standing stoically together. The second poster features Wolverine with his past self, who, as we all know, was a hot, body-painted Jennifer Lawrence… wait, that can’t be right. Something must have gone terribly wrong with the space-time continuum.

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