XANATHAR'S ENEMIES AND ALLIES Provides New Stat Blocks for More D&D Fun


Do you need more stat blocks for friendly NPCs and enemies alike in your game of Dungeons & Dragons? You may want to consider checking out the fan-made Xanathar’s Enemies and Allies. This supplement is part of the DMs Guild Adept Program and features stat blocks for creatures based on the subclasses found in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. You should be able to switch things up and not use a Bandit Captain for the umpteenth time to lead your group of guards with this tool. Xanathar’s Enemies and Allies was created by Robert Adducci, Lysa Chen, Will Doyle, Shawn Merwin, and Cindy Moore.

In the wide worlds of D&D, guards are rarely just guards, bandits rarely just bandits, and cultists never just cultists. Even if they bear the same weapons and don the same armor, each has their own stories—and quite possibly some tricks up their sleeves, in combat and in life.

Xanathar’s Enemies and Allies illustrates those differences to help DMs create more interesting stories and campaigns. This supplement provides stat blocks for all of the subclasses detailed in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. You can now move beyond the simple knight stat block, using the Banite conqueror or cavalier charger instead. Tired of using the bandit captain yet again? How about presenting your players with a more unique challenge, like the Luskan swashbuckler or the shadow thief mastermind?

You can grab Xanathar’s Enemies and Allies on DMs Guild for $5.99.

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