XBOX Reveals Janemba Is the Final Character in DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Season Pass 2


There is still one character in the current season pass of Dragon Ball FighterZ that is a mystery. Well, was a mystery. Thanks to Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, fans are now aware that the final character is Janemba from Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. During a recent This Week on Xbox, Hryb told fans that a new update would give DBFZ players free skins for GT Goku and Janemba in celebration of Goku Day. While some may say that this is just rumor, I would say that they are technically correct, but given the fact that Hryb is a big deal at Xbox and a couple of deleted tweets said that this was him announcing Janemba, I would rate this rumor as “Extremely Likely.”

I’m just glad it’s not another Goku. What do you think of the announcement of Janemba coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ? You can see Hryb give the reveal at about 3:09 below.

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