Yellow Ranger Cornered By Rita Repulsa in New POWER RANGERS Photo

Rita Repulsa apparently isn't playing games in the latest look at the new Power Rangers film! In a photo provided by Entertainment Weekly, we see Rita (played by Elizabeth Banks) choking the life out of Yellow Ranger Trini (played by Becky G):

To set the scene up, this takes place as Rita is trying to intimidate the Power Rangers individually. Becky G spoke about filming the scene with Banks:

"When we did our blocking, our run through, Elizabeth and I really wanted to make it fun, to make this scene as real as possible. Actually, I got to run through the wall a couple of times. I got thrown up against it and I got to break it myself. My stunt double of course was there, talking me through it, but I was really, really excited. It was a bit intimidating for me because, you know, it’s Elizabeth! I look up to her a lot as an actress, so getting to work one on one with her is really cool. I learned a lot, and there were moments when I had to hit her, and I was like, 'Oh my God, I hope I don’t actually hit her!' She really let me be hands on in a lot of the fighting, so it was cool."

Hilariously enough, Becky told Banks not to be gentle with her and ended up with bruises around her neck the next day!

I'm not going to pretend like I remember everything from the original Power Rangers, but I don't remember Rita getting in on the action all that much. From what I remember, she was always making monsters out of clay and looking through a telescope! To be fair, this Rita Repulsa looks like she can kick far more ass than the original, so I'll allow it. I'm really hoping we see something good out of this movie!

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