Yoda Hulk – Meme and Photo Collection

"Yoda Hulk" is a small Internet phenomenon I recently came across that I just had to share. I put together a collection of the best "Yoda Hulk" that I could find. It was inevitable that Yoda and Hulk would be mashed up or paired up when you think of their similarities. They are both green, a bit weird looking, speak with bad grammar, and are popular characters in geeky franchises (Star Wars and Marvel). Their greatest difference is what makes Yoda and Hulk an interesting combo: they are polar opposites on the size spectrum. Yoda is just a bit over 2 feet tall and Hulk is around 7-8 feet tall.

I've done my best to find the sources for these images, but odds are high I'm sourcing the wrong people (I blame the Internet). Got a cool "Yoda Hulk" mashup, team-up, or versus that I should add to this post? email me directly freereyes@geektyrant.com