You Can Own The Internet for Only $52

The Internet can normally be found at the top of Big Ben (for the best reception of course) and is guarded by the Elders of the Internet. However, it seems that they have decided to allow people to purchase copies of the famous black box.

If you haven’t caught on yet, this is a novelty item that stems from one of the greatest geek jokes that was on TV. In The IT Crowd, Moss and Roy decide to make a fool of their boss Jen and convince her that this black box is the Internet.

It’s a fantastic joke that is handled well throughout the entire episode, and this replica is fantastic if you’re looking for a novelty item for your desk or a gag gift. You can purchase it from KineticGifts on Etsy for $52 plus shipping. It features a flashing light that is powered by two AAA batteries (not included).

Here are Moss and Roy introducing Jen to the Internet:

Here’s Jen’s speech and where even more hilarity ensues:

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