You Can Buy a Solid Gold Pikachu For $4000

I enjoy Pokemon. Growing up, I loved to watch the show and I still enjoy playing the games. I don’t know if I would drop around $4,000 on a piece of memorabilia. The Tokyo Takashimaya department store will have some 24 karat solid gold statues of the most famous Pocket Monster, Pikachu available for 432,000 yen which comes out to roughly $4,000. That is insane. I can’t imagine spending that much on a one-inch tall statue. Don’t worry though. If you, like me, feel like that’s a little pricey, they will also have 24 karat gold medallions for only 162,000 yen or $1,500. Both items will have limited quantities so you’ll need to be on top of things if you want one. I guess I’m underestimating how Poke-crazy some fans can be.

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