You Have to Play TITANFALL!

I know Titanfall has been out for awhile, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on it having just played it through for the first time. Titanfall is seriously the most fun I've had playing a video game in a long time! It's been awhile since I've been so invigorated by a video game. It actually got to a point where I stopped playing games for awhile, but Titanfall reawakened that video game beast in me. I'm excited about it, and I can't stop playing!

There was a ton of hype for this game, and it won a ton of awards, but I wasn't sure if it would actually live up to it. This is the first game that I've played since I started my video game hiatus, so it was either going to waste my time or blow me away. When I picked up the controller to start playing it, I was cautious and kept my expectations in check. Then once I started playing I couldn't stop! I played all through the weekend, skipped out on going to the movies, which I never do, and played it with my brother until we got through it. It's really rare that there is a video game that will keep me from going to the movies. This game gave me such an awesome adrenalin rush, though, and I just had to play it as much as I could.

My favorite aspect of it is the gameplay and how freakin' fast-paced it is! The advanced combat techniques and the freedom you have to use them is so damn cool. You can't go wrong running around blowing shit up, and then there's that giant ass Titan you get to pilot! It's the thing dreams are made of for a guy like me! I also really loved how you play through the campaign with online multiplayer. It takes the gameplay to a whole new level of intensity. I've always liked playing against other player anyway, as it's more challenging. 

Titanfall is the future of gaming. It's the first of what may actually become the standard in gaming, and I hope it is, because it's so much freakin' fun! If you haven't picked up Titanfall or played it yet, make sure you put it on your list of your things to do because I promise that you won't be sorry! 

The games was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts as an exclusive for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. I played it on Xbox One, and it will be released on Xbox 360 on March 25th. 

Here are some details about the game, and I've also included a trailer.

Players fight either on foot as free-running "pilots" or inside agile mech-style walkers called "Titans" to complete team-based objectives on a derelict and war-torn planet as either the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) or the Militia. The game is online multiplayer-only, but injects single-player elements such as plot, character chatter, and non-player characters into its matches. Bit-tech reported the game to have 15 maps, 33 weapons, and splitscreen support for the online multiplayer, though the developer had previously denied the latter. Respawn founder Vince Zampella described the game as bringing "scale, verticality, and story" to first-person shooter multiplayer gaming.

Up to twelve human players choose their pilot types and are dropped on the map, beginning the game. A timer displays the time until a Titan can be deployed, which is reduced by killing other players. Once deployed, Titans are protected by a forcefield for about 30 seconds, which protects the player-pilot as well. Pilots are agile and accumulate momentum while running (similar to Tribes), which lets players run on walls and chain together double jumps. There are multiple types of Titans, each with unique abilities and animations. Pilot and Titan controls are identical except where the pilot's jump becomes the Titan's dash, as Titans cannot jump, crouch, or cover. The mechs are not slow, but their movement is slower than the nimble pilots. Titan game-balancing abilities include the vortex blocker, which stops and returns enemy ammunition in midair, and electrified smoke, which hurts and repels pilots climbing the Titan's back, as well as a deployable wall that blocks ballistic and projectile weapons. Other gameplay elements are intended to make the game more approachable to less experienced shooter players, such as the supplementing of each team with weak AI bots for easier kills, and temporary power-ups called Burn Cards. Player-pilots can eject from Titans that take too much damage, and the Titan replacement timer is reset upon the Titan's death. Titans can also act autonomously when put in guard and follow modes, which directs the Titan either to protect their vicinity or to tail their pilot, respectively. Games end with an epilogue in which the losing team attempts to evacuate via dropship to earn experience points.

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