Your New Way to Get News: GeekTyrant Radio and Syndicate

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Attention, Geeks! GeekTyrant is ready to unveil our latest project, GeekTyrant Radio. GeekTyrant Radio was developed specifically for fans of movies, games, comics, and television! Combining podcasts from around the web with our successful series, SoundTrax, you can now stream the latest news, content, and your favorite soundtracks directly from our radio stream 24/7. Stream it from your computer or mobile phone, both work perfectly. Listen Now!

In addition to this exciting launch, we are also partnering with several podcasts around the web to create the GeekTyrant Syndicate! These lovely folks will be joining on and bringing their latest episodes to the site and GT radio for you to digest and enjoy. 

 1. On The Couch

Hosted by Zach and Eric, On The Couch is the catch all podcast for all things current and geeky. It's funny, honest, and always current. Make sure to subscribe to them on iTunes! 

2. +2 Comedy

+2 comedy is a comedic outfit that hosts live podcasts at cons and comic book shops around the nation. Each episode has a special guest with an interview, geek out, and game. The interviews by Noah are great--as are the guests. Check them out, and of course, subscribe!

3. Plumbing The Death Star

Plumbing the Death Star, a part of SansPants Radio, is coming to GeekTyrant! Joel and crew are hilarious and are really good at pointing out the nuances in cinema! Check them out, you won't regret it.

4. SuperNerdyBestFriends 

Hosted by Cira and Skustin! Super Nerdy Best Friends is an incredible show featuring gaming, movies, and everything that you love. Need I say more? Subscribe!

In addition, you still have all our other podcasts at your disposal as well as brand new episodes of SoundTRAX returning to the web! By the way, if you are looking to add your podcast to the GeekTyrant syndicate, email me at with links to your podcast for consideration.

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