YouTube Has Plans for Future Choose Your Own Adventure Shows


Bloomberg has reported this week that YouTube has plans in its future to create some choose your own adventure series. This isn’t too surprising considering the success surrounding the Netflix choose your own adventure movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

They will hire a new team to create this type of series. Apparently producers have been wanting to do something along these lines for years, but only recently has the technology become available. Although I remember like twelve years ago while hanging out at Geektyrant’s own Joey Paur’s house, we watched a Final Destination DVD that let us choose our own adventure throughout the movie. I never thought anything having to do with Final Destination would be cutting edge, but here we are. Although I bet it would be easier to do in DVD form than a TV series. But I digress.

It will be fun to see what YouTube comes up with. It’s interesting to see what all the different streaming and online TV services have done to make themselves stand out from the crowd. I’ll definitely be into seeing what these choose your own adventure series are about. I know if they have any geared toward kids, my kids will be all over it.

Are you excited to choose your own adventure in a series? What genre do you think this platform will work best with?

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