Zachary Levi Defends His SHAZAM! Costume

We’ve seen a few leaked photos of Zachary Levi dressed up as Captain Marvel for his movie Shazam!. The Internet seems to be a little divided on the costume with some excited about how much it looks like some of the comics and others pointing to it looking cartoonish and out of place in the DCEU. The bright colors and padding to help Levi look more buff than he certainly lends some credence to both arguments.

When I first saw it, I thought it was odd how bright the costume was, but I also figured that it will probably change in editing. Heck, you can find pictures of Superman’s suit from Man of Steel and it’s considerably brighter than the final copy. It’s not as bright as Shazam’s, but it’s the same idea.

One thing I’ve learned about editing videos is that it’s typically easier to play with a bright object than a darker one, so there are my two cents. We also need to remember that we have yet to see an official image, so they may edit it to make it look closer in tone with the other DCEU movies, or it could be that they’re trying to change direction and be lighter movies after most of their other films have tanked.

Levi had a message though, in a recent live Q&A to the costume haters where he talks about how he loves the costume and he says that the angry people are most likely angry for the sake of being angry. Check out the video below for his response and let us know what you think about Shazam’s costume.

Shazam! will hit theaters April 5, 2019.

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