Zachary Levi Says Shazam and Black Adam Will Crossover in SHAZAM! 3


When DC Launched Shazam! we all knew that it would eventually lead to a Shazam and Black Adam crossover film. How could it not!? These two characters need to face off with each other on the big screen! It’s their destiny! Their rivalry is legendary.

Black Adam was originally supposed to be in the first Shazam! movie but then the studio felt that it would be better for Black Adam to get his own solo film first before having the two meet, which I think is the best way to handle it.

So when will we see Shazam and Black Adam face off with each other? According to Zachary Levi it will be in Shazam! 3. While at Germany’s CCXP Cologne convention, Levi explained:

“I can say that as far as I know, Black Adam is not going to be in the second Shazam!, because the idea is that they want to go and do a standalone Black Adam movie first. And then it would kind of be, if we do a third Shazam! and a second Black Adam, kind of [parallel] like that, that’s where we would [meet].”

It may be awhile before we see the two fight each other on the big screen, but at least we know it will eventually happen! Levi went on to explain that they want to build up the anticipation of these characters before they clash in an epic battle:

“Because he’s like the ultimate bad guy for Captain Marvel, Shazam. Like [Shazam and] Black Adam, they’re doppelgängers right, the evil twin to who I am. So that’s got to be like the final battle. If we do that in the second movie, then where do we go after that? It would just be a movie of us sitting around playing video games for the third one, that would be very boring. Or not [laughs]. I’m a very interesting video game player. So yeah, I think that’s the idea. We’ll definitely [cross over] — the plan is to get there, but just to pace it out however it needs to pace out.”

When Black Adam does finally hit the big screen, the character will be played by none other than Dwayne Johnson who has been super excited about getting to play this character.

Black Adam will be helmed by Jungle Cruise director Jaume Collet-Serra and it’s expected to start shooting in 2020. Shazam! 2 is expected to start shooting in 2020 as well with David F. Sandberg directing.

What are you hoping to see when Shazam and Black Adam finally go toe to toe in Shazam! 3?

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