Zack Snyder Admits that BATMAN V SUPERMAN Fan Response Changed His Plans for JUSTICE LEAGUE

Fans and critics didn't receive Batman v Superman the way director Zack Snyder had hoped. The movie was met with a lot of hate in the fan community for a variety of reasons. However, the film does have its fair share of fans that will stick up for it and defend it against the hate.

Snyder wasn’t really expecting the kind of backlash that it got, especially with the critics. While doing an interview with Vulture, the director was asked about all the hate and in regards to that he admits that it’s the reason he changed the tone of the upcoming Justice League film:

"When Batman v Superman came out, I was like, ‘Wow, okay, oof.’ It did catch me off guard. I have had to, in my mind, make an adjustment. I do think that the tone of Justice League has changed because of what the fans have said." 

This past week we’ve seen a ton of information from the film because Warner Bros. invited a few blogs out to the set to show them how fun Justice League is going to be. They are obviously really trying to fix the dent that Batman v Superman made. Hopefully, they are able to do that and give fans a film that they will all love, and not be split on. 

Of course, Snyder still defends his darker vision for Batman v Superman, and explains how it plays a part in leading to the lighter side of things: 

"You really had to dig down on the darker parts of them to make them fight each other. I really do believe that with this movie, with Justice League, they’ve been freed of the responsibility to be in a place where they would fight each other. That’s liberating for us in making the movie, because now we have a single enemy with a single objective, and it’s really about uniting the team. That, to me, is a fun activity." 

Only time will tell if his new plan and direction for the franchise works. Justice League comes out on November 17th, 2017.

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