Zack Snyder Seemingly Confirms That Batman Would Have Died In The DCEU Story Arc He Had Planned For Him

When Ben Affleck signed up to take on the role of Batman in the DCEU, maybe he took the role knowing that Batman would have been killed off in the story arc that director Zack Snyder had planned for him.

Snyder had a five part plan for the DCEU and that plan was thrown out the window by WB when the director decided to step away from Justice League. Since then we’ve seen that the DC films are heading in a very different direction.

A fan recently shared a piece of fan art that he created showing Superman carrying Batman's body with the suggestion that it was "what we may have seen in the 5 story arc" and it turns out that he might have been right. Snyder himself replied to the piece with a simple response… "of course". You can check out those tweets below:

I assume Batman’s death would have taken place in Justice League 2, which a lot of fans assumed would be based on the Final Crisis story arc in which Batman dies.

Who knows exactly how exactly Batman’s death would have played out in the DCEU, but it is interesting to learn that his plan would have seen the eventual death of Batman. I think it’s safe to say that that’s a story arc we won’t being seeing play out anymore. Hell, we don’t even know if we’ll ever see Ben Affleck back in the role of Batman again!

Do you think WB and DC should at least try to give Batman’s story arc a proper conclusion in the DCEU? Or do you think they should just let his memory fade away with the Justice League movie?

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