Zahn McClarnon is in Talks to Join Ewan McGregor in Stephen King's DOCTOR SLEEP

Zahn McClarnon (Westworld) is in talks to join the film adaptation of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep, which is the sequel to his horror classic The Shining. If cast, McClarnon will join Ewan McGregor as the adult version of Danny Torrance and Rebecca Ferguson who is taking on the role of Rose the Hat, the leader of The True Knot group.

According to Variety, McClarnon would portray Crow Daddy, who is the right-hand man and lover of Ferguson’s character. Here is a little information on The True Knot and Rose The Hat:

The True Knot are a group of nomadic psychics who feed off the life force of spiritually-gifted children. They call this life-force "steam", which when consumed keeps them young and extends their lifespan beyond its natural limits. Despite this, the True Knot members can be killed. Due to their age, none of them have developed immunities to modern diseases. When one member feeds off a boy who had measles, he contracted it and died shortly afterward. When a True Knot member dies, their physical form fades away and all that's left are their clothes.

The True Knot discover a girl named Abra who shows incredibly high psychic abilities. Their leader Rose the Hat orders the True Knot to track her down so they can harvest her steam. When Abra gets in contact with Dan Torrance (the son of Jack Torrance from The Shining), they make plans to stop the True Knot.

Rose is the True Knot's leader. She's described as being incredibly beautiful, with curly black hair, pale skin and a magician's hat. After a psychic encounter with Abra, Rose's reasons for finding her become personal and she begins to lose her sanity. When she appears to someone who possesses the shining, she is shown to possess only one deformed tooth.

I loved the book that this film is based on and I can't wait to see it brought to life for the big screen. So far the casting has been great! 

The Shining centers on Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy, and their son Danny as they live in the haunted Overlook Hotel during the winter season to take care of it. It's there that the hotel possesses Jack and he slowly becomes possessed by the hotel and nightmarishly torments his wife and son.

Doctor Sleep takes place several years after the events that took place at the Overlook Hotel. It focuses on Jack's son Danny who is now a middle-aged man. He is still traumatized by what happened at the hotel all those years ago, and he throughout his life has had to deal with anger management and alcoholism issues. However, in an effort to get his life back together, he gives up drinking and settles down in a small town in New Hampshire. It is at this point in his life where his psychic abilities start to resurface and he develops a psychic link with a 12-year-old girl named Abra Stone. Turns out this girl's life is being threatened by a tribe of paranormals who suck the energy from people. They are led by a man named Rose the Hat and Danny has to save her from them.

Mike Flanagan, who helmed Netflix’s adaptation of the King novella Gerald’s Game, is directing Doctor Sleep. The studio is also developing a prequel to The Shining called Overlook Hotel

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