ZELDA: HYRULE WARRIORS - The Spotlight's on Link in Newest Trailer


I really wanted to title this "Erbody on the battlefield getting tipsy," but I feared no one would get the J-Kwon reference. It's a good title though, right?

Moving on. Zelda: Hyrule Warriors is the Dynasty Warriors spinoff coming to the Wii U, and for the second time over the last month, I am incredibly jealous of those owners getting to play this before me (the first point of jealousy was Mario Kart 8). While the game mechanics are roughly the same, you really get to see the Zelda retouchings in the newest Link trailer, including his spiffed up spin attack and his trusty bombs. Plus, you can throw down with a buddy in local co-op, and letting you know, now I get dibs on Midna!

For those who missed out on the buzz at E3, you can also scroll down to see Zelda, Midna, and Impa in action in the screens as well as in the E3 trailer itself. The action looks frantic, crazy, and above all fun, and it's one of the many upcoming titles from Nintendo that have me jonesing for a Wii U. Zelda: Hyrule Warriors releases in North America on September 26th.

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