ZELDA - Link Sets Sail in This Custom Wind Waker Shadowbox

What do you get the for the fan who wants something completely unique but still related to the game or movie they love? A custom shadowbox that's what, and if he or she happens to be a Wind Waker fan, you can order your own version of the commission featured above. They are made with card stock, are assembled to create a 3D effect, and above all, are a pretty cool addition to any gamer's abode. These little squares of awesome are made and assembled by The Paper Pony Place (tongue twisters are fun), an Etsy store run by Brian Mitchell, and each one will run you about $75. You can head there to put your order in now. 

I also promise this is the last Wind Waker related post I'll do for a minute.

Except for this other really cool thing I found just the other day....aw crap.

Maybe just one more.

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