ZELDA WIND WAKER - Vinyl Stain Glass Art Print by Packmania


So, you’re redesigning your house, and you think “hmm, I would really like some stained glass here, but I don’t necessarily want the whole cathedral vibe.”

“AHA! I have just the thing!” I say in my best infomercial voice. It has all the elegance and effect of stained glass, but it doesn’t require replacing your windows and it has the innate power of the Triforce! Behold, the Zelda Wind Waker stain glass art print! It also comes with an amazing set of 10 kitchen knives for only 1 additional payment of 9.99! Okay, so maybe not the last thing, but even sans the knives the translucent vinyl print itself is pretty damn cool, and it's all adhesive, so you can stick it and forget it!

I really need to stop watching those rotisserie commercials.

The print itself is being sold by Etsy shop Packmania Posters, and features main man Link in his wind waker art style. It comes in at a whopping 39.5 x 22 inches, so be prepared for a bit of work to get it placed. It's truly worth it though, especially if you have a nice sized sunlit window. Having a bit of shiny wind waker in your life will cost you around $35 with shipping, so if you're interested head to their page to get yourself one.

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