Zoe Saldana Reveals James Gunn Is a Producer on AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR and Confirms Gamora

It's no secret that the Guardians of the Galaxy team is going to be in Avengers: Infinity War. It's been teased by the writers and later confirmed by Vin Diesel. Zoe Saldana is now talking about the highly anticipated Marvel film, and in an interview with IGN, she seemingly confirms that Guardians of the Galaxy franchise director James Gunn will serve as a producer on the 2018 release. Her exact words were:

"James Gunn is a producer on [Avengers: Infinity War]. I know that he won't ever let the integrity of what he's created for the Guardians ever be compromised, so I'm at ease."

It completely makes sense that Gunn would be a producer on the film. This means that the Guardians team is going to be handled properly in the film, and I imagine Marvel won't do anything with them that Gunn isn't on board with. I imagine he'll also have a heavy hand in helping write for the characters in the film.

In a separate interview with MTV, Saldana was asked if we would see her character Gamora in Infinity War, and she nodded her head yes, but said that she hasn't seen a script yet. 

Look, I'm just excited that one day we are going to see The Avengers fighting alongside the Guardians against Thanos! The MCU is about to get ridiculously epic! 

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