Zombie Christmas Ornaments

Gear by Eli Reyes

It’s not even Thanksgiving and we’ve already got a surefire way for you to ruin Christmas for your kids. "How?" asked all the horrible parents out there. Simply pepper in pieces from this Zombie Ornament set on your Christmas tree without telling your small children, then just wait for the screams, the crying, and the questions about why Santa and all the other ornaments are covered in blood. You can simply explain that Santa got tired of eating cookies, and that Rudolph’s nose is indeed red, but it just doesn’t glow so bright. Kids traumatized by Christmas - check! Never having to buy them Christmas gifts again - fingers crossed.

To spread some of that Christmas fear, head over to Think Geek to purchase the 4 piece set, which sells for $19.99.

Thanks to Laughing Squid.

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